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Assistir The Green Ghost Online Grátis Dublado Legendado (Full HD, 720p, 1080p) | Michael D. Olmos | 2018
The Green Ghost

The Green Ghost

Assistir The Green Ghost Online (Legendado, Dublado, HD 720p, Full HD 1080p)


In order to help save the world from an Aztec Apocalypse, a gringo from the barrio, raised by an elite group of covert Mexican warriors, has to over-come self doubt transforming into a superhero, The GREEN GHOST. As an orphan, in the care of a careless Stepmother, Charlie longed to belong to someone. And for a while he did, his Nana. Nana raised Charlie, along with her own grandson, Marco, teaching them how to make tortillas and speak Spanish. But cooking wasn’t the only thing Nana was good at. She and Marco had a secret life, a duty to protect powerful Emeralds that upon contact endow superhuman abilities. Chasing after the Emeralds is Lechusa, the fabled bruja (witch), and servant to the Aztec ruler, Montezuma. If Lechusa can assemble the Emeralds she will have the power to bring back Montezuma, ending the world, as we know it. Charlie, on accident, was endowed with these powers and after he used them to fight a neighborhood bully; it became clear that in order to protect Charlie, …